Is cat poop bad for the environment?



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    In general, no. Fecal matter was meant to go into the ground, acting as a fertilizer and in some cases, spreading seeds for future plants. I guess in the end, it all depends on what you are feeding your cat.

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    It all depends on how it is used as well. As said above, if used as fertilizer, it can do a whole lot of good for the environment. 

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    If you have a healthy, disease and parasite free feline, then it’s feces are not harmful at all.  Echoing the above answers, it really depends on the diet of the cat and the health.  If it has parasites, you do not want to use the feces in your garden, this can spread the parasite and become harmful to plants, animals, humans, water, etc…

    A healthy pet has healthy poops!

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    I always thought it made a great fertilizer!!

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    Of course, cat poop is all natural. Unless your cat is pooping plastic bags and styrofoam it’s probably A-OK

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