Is cat litter organic waste?



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    Cat litter is not organic. The feces itself CAN be if the cat eats only organic food, but its quite likely that is not the case, in which case, the feces isn’t organic. 

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    In order for feces to be used as an organic substance for reuse in a garden or compost heap, it must be made up entirely of plant material. Plants can only be fertilized by the same compounds in which they are made of. That’s why we use cow manure as garden fertilizer because cows are herbivores. Cats are carnivores by nature and that means they need to eat meat to survive – therefore, their feces can’t be reused organically. Feces is a biodegradable substance, but like the answer above, for it to be 100% organic it needs to be made up of 100% organic materials. Most cat litters are not organic, however, there are small companies that make bio-degradable, organic cat litters which can be used in gardens, compost piles or safely flushed down the toilet. Whatever way you want to use organic cat litter is up to you, just make sure to separate the cat waste from the used litter.

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