Is cat litter enviromentally friendly?

And if not what is a good substitute ?



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    No, but their is some “green” cat litter. First off, regular cat litter is clay-based, and made from sodium bentonite, which is why it is able to clump together. When inhaled it has adverse health effects, such as asthma and lung issues, especially for the cats that are around it often. In addition sodium bentonite has to be mined from the earth, which has a limited supply, 70% from Wyoming alone. And every year 2 million tons of cat litter ends up in landfills in just the U.S.

    Some eco-friendly cat litters include:

    • Yesterday’s News
    • Cat Country
    • Swheat Scoop

    You can also make your own cat litter from recycled newspaper, and/or reclaimed wood.

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