Is cat litter bad for the environment?



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    Most clay based cat litters are non-biodegradable because they have already reached their final state of decomposition. This means that when cat litter is thrown away, it cannot degrade any further. Therefore, the average 2 million tons of cat litter that is sent to landfills annually takes up quite a bit of space. Furthermore, used cat litter can sometime generate runoff that contaminates storm drains and water ways with bacterial waste.

    Also, most cat litters are the by-product of strip mining. The clay is found under layers of soil. After the clay is reached with digging the first few inches of clay are discarded due to impurities,, and the rest is removed and processed into cat litter. This is not a very environmentally friendly practice, unfortunately.

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      Also, I was thinking about how wasteful cat litter containers are. They are made of a very thick plastic because of the weight of litter.

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