Is cast iron pans more eco friendly than Teflon?



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    Teflon is made with the chemical per-fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) which is beleived to potentially cause cancer and birth defects. When teflon is overheated, emissions of PFOA are released along with other chemicals. So, I would say that cast iron are the way to go.

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    Cast Irons seems to be the most eco-friendly cookware (along with ceramic).  The trouble with cast iron can be if someone has too much iron in their body systems already, it can be toxic to them as the iron will infuse your foods when heated.  However, the number of people with too much iron are relatively few, and the iron compounds transferred to the food is beneficial for most.


    Overall, and strictly speaking in terms of the environment, YES cast iron is better…from production to use.

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