Is cast iron a better material for cooking than Teflon?



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    Most likely it is.  There have been many concerns about Teflon and other kinds of nonstick pans, with some studies showing that the chemicals leach into the air and food during cooking.  If anything comes off the cast iron pan into your food, it is negligable traces of iron, which is good for you as opposed to the chemicals associated with Teflon: perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), trifluoric acid (TFA) and phosgene.  PFOA is used during production to help make Teflon oil and water-repellant, and has links to cancer, liver damage, immune system damage and does not break down in the environment.

    TFA and phosgene are just two of the 15 chemicals that come off of Teflon at high temperatures.  DuPont, the major producer of Teflon, claims there is no harm to the consumer and all of the PFOA and similar chemicals are gone after the production process.  But cast iron can last forever, so it never needs to be thrown away and take up space in a landfill.  And there are no issues with carcinogenic chemicals, in production or in the cooking process.

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