Is carpet dirtier than wood flooring?



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    Carpets can be dirtier that wood flooring simply because the tixins, debris, dust mites, and other bacteria can get caught in the carpet strands and difficult to clean out. Carpet can be infested with this filth and we’d never know because it still looks clean. Of course how dirty the carpet is depends on the amount of traffic through the area, if you have any pets, so forth. And it also depends on how frequently and thoroughly you clean the flooring. It is possible that such toxins and debris can seep in to the pores of the wood, but it is highly unlikely due to the finish that is used to protect the wood itself.

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    for sure  it is dirtier. carpet is like a sponge for all kinds of dirt, particles, micro-organisms, interior air pollution. we are 100% wood floors in our home, or area rugs that we can take out and shake out every so often. not to mention the awful chemicals present in most carpets

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    Yes, Carpets are more dirtier than wooden flooring and wooden flooring clean very easily. carpet cleaning needs a very good cleaning products and sevices. carpet cleaning is a tedios job.

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    Ofcourse, Carpets become more dirtier than the wood flooring but the carpets gives a very elegant look and now days carpets are more preferable and there are so many carpet cleaning companies you can found auround your locality.

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    Its true that Carpets are more dirtier than wood flooring but I think these Carpets gives more elegant look to home. I love carpets and I always try to keep my carpets clean by using some simple tips. Like,
    Regularly I will use normal dry vaccum cleaner, Vaccum the area you want to cleab to remove the dirt and dust. For more tips on carpet cleaning you can visit this site.

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    Yes, carpets looks more dirtier than wood flooring and somehow difficut in cleaning also then wooden floors. Crapets requires a extensive cleaning. But its true that carpets gives more elegant looks to your home. Its very important to determine the right fiber. Carpet matreial from which carpet is made is an important factor it looks, feel, durability and resistance to fire. You may choose natural or synthetic fibres or blends for your carpets.

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