Is carbon the worst type of greenhouse gas?



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    Get ready to be shocked! Carbon Dioxide is not the worst greenhouse gas. Water vapor is! Water vapor accounts for 36-70% of the greenhouse effect. It is the byproduct of the combustion of all fossil fuels and therefore unavoidable. Also, the warmer it gets, the more water vapor there is, which in turn causes higher temperatures so it becomes a vicious cycle. After water vapor, Carbon Dioxide is the worst greenhouse gas and the second largest contributor to global warming.

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    Just as an addition to greenveganyogini’s answer, the technical, scientific name for the vicious cycle of water vapor leading to higher temperatures and higher temperatures leading to water vapor is a positive feedback cycle.

    A similar cycle has to do with the thawing of permafrost in tundra biomes! As temperature increases, permafrost thaws, which releases trapped carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. These raise the temperature, and the whole cycle starts over.


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