Is carbon the worst byproduct of industry?



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    Carbon itself isn’t actually a bad thing, life on our planet is based on carbon. It’s some of the compounds that contain carbon that are the issue. Examples of these dangerous compounds would be carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), both commonly created by industrial combustion (even car engines). Carbon monoxide is not a greenhouse gas, but it is poisonous to humans in large enough doses. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and contributes to climate change, but it is also necessary for life to exist because trees breath CO2. Other volatile byproducts of industry include sulfur, which contributes to acid rain, and is also a naturally occurring element that is necessary to life.

    To simply all of that, most byproducts of industry aren’t that bad on their own, what is bad is the AMOUNT of the byproducts being emitted to the atmosphere. Without greenhouse gases, Earth would be too cold for life, around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently Earth has an average yearly temperature of 59 degrees F, thanks to greenhouse gases. The problem is industry keeps emitting greenhouse gases, and the Earth is slowly becoming too hot for life.

    In a nutshell: The worst byproduct of industry, is excess.

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