Is Carbon the most powerful element?



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    No.  Uranium is the most powerful element.  In his book Uranium, Tom Zoellner states that it is the “powerful source of energy” and that it is the only naturally occuring element that has enough power to destroy all life on Earth.  Uranium is used for powering nuclear bombs as well as power plants… Carbon doesn’t have much on that.

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    I disagree (if only for the sake of jest), because carbon is the element of life (all living things have carbon in them—that’s what an organic compound is—one with carbon in it) if it wasn’t for carbon, there would be no book written on Uranium because Tom Zoellner wouldn’t be around… no living thing means no language… no term or concept of power would not exist at all (or at least it would be called something very different)… so indeed carbon is more powerful (but you know I’m only kidding)!

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