Carbon cycle – keeping it simple

Would not separating net carbon emissions -fossill emissions from agricultural emissions make common sense. The latter carbon emission is near to balanced where fossil emissions are net and the problem. Kyoto has created confusion and more bad than good by not starting with a fundamental separation. If the foundation of a protocal is flawed then it cannot survive long term….. which is a real shame given what we are dealing with.

Comments please ?

Richard Allison
New Zealand



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    While it seems ludicrous to include agricultural CO2 production in carbon emissions calculations (animal production of CO2 is as natural as volcano production of CO2), all agricultural CO2 can’t be discounted for a number of reasons.

    First is that an increase in population demands an increase in domesticated cattle for consumption. This increase in cattle means the need for more grazing land which leads to the destruction of forested areas. Trees naturally absorb CO2 and separate the carbon and oxygen molecules.

    The Kyoto protocol calls for not only an accounting of net CO2 production and the fabrication of reduction goals based on that data, but also aims to map the sources of CO2 and other air pollutants such as hydrofluorocarbons. This mapping of the various sources of air pollution is an integral part of forming a nation’s plan for pollution reduction.


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