capacity of a 18 wheeler

what is the capacity of an 18 wheeler. Its for a project



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    I’m going to assume you are referring to the size and hauling capacity of an 18-wheeler. The US Department of Transportation has established the following maximum limits for 18-wheelers: a width of 102 inches, height of 13.5 feet, and gross weight (weight of truck plus weight of cargo) of 79,366 lbs. There are several types of trailers, designed for a number of uses, so it is difficult to give you an exact hauling capacity. Generally, a truck will weigh a little over 33,000 lbs, meaning it can carry about 44,000 lbs. The space in the trailer itself is about 48-53 ft long, 8-1/2 ft wide, and nearly 9 ft. high. Does that help?

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