Is canola oil or vegetable oil better for you?



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    Surprisingly, canola oil is better for you! What companies call “vegetable oil” can contain oils from a wide range of plants. Usually the’ll use inexpensive things like cottonseed oil, which contains lots of saturated fatty acids. Canola oil must be made from canola seeds, which contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids.

    Saturated fats can stack up nicely because they are mostly compact, straight lines without many kinks in the chain. Imagine saturated fats like 2×4 pieces of wood. Unsaturated fats have lots and lots of kinks, which means that they can’t stack up easily like that. Picture unsaturated fats like branches from a tree that kink and curve and have lots of corners. What’s cool too is that the unsaturated fats can pull saturated fats out of your arteries if they start to build up!

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    Canola oil comes out on top here.  Canola oil contains omega-3 acids, which promote a healthy heart and low cholesterol levels.  Vegetable oil contains omega-6 acids, which most people need less of in their diets.  

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