Is cancer more common now than ever before?



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    Once you finnish with my post you will become very angry because the cure for cancer was found 50 years ago but it is suppressed and kept from you because ethe cancer business is very profitable.

    Unfortunately your family members need not have died of cancer, to become more informed of how you cure cancer and to stop you from getting cancer read the book “why we’re all still dying of cancer” by Philip Day. Or go to his web site good luck.

    Processed foods
    Fluoride in the water
    Parmucutical drugs
    Parmucutical waste in the water
    Aliminuim cooking utentials
    Chem trails
    Raiation through electrical equipment
    Mobile phones and masts.
    Cancer acreening
    And now airport scaning machines which radiate you as well.

    Don’t listen to ANYBODY who tells you there is not a cure for cancer without first you spending many hours researching it for yourself.

    There are foods which combat cancer and thousands of people have come through serious cancer by proper nutrition. Don’t go to conventional doctors who don’t understand cancer and do not know what causes it yet they give dangerous chemotherapy or radiation which kills your immune system and surgery which does not deal with the cause, and cancer returns even more aggressively.

    You have to give up dairy and meat which are known to cause cancer, only eat organic vegetables which have not been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides which cause cancer. Eating raw is very effective against cancer. Eat pear and apple seeds, pinapple and brockly, B17 and apricots seeds combat cancer, stop drinking tap water which has fluoride (rat poison) which destroys the thyroid and leads to cancer, drink at least 2 litres of bottled spring water a day, exercise as much as possible. Take vitamin supplements as most food has lost its minerals and nutritional content due to modern farming.

    The cure for cancer was discovered 50 years ago, there are clinics in Mexico, Africa and Germany that have cured thousands of people of cancer and aids who had been sent home by conventional medicine.

    Did you know that breast screening can lead to cancer and a greater about of women who get breast screed end up with cancer. Is it any surprise with all that radiation?

    Did you know that half of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have breast cancer only a lump which can be treated through natural nutrition?

    Oh yes there is no business like the cancer business, if they disclosed a cure many many people would be out of a job and many people would loose fortunes, for cancer is one of the biggest profit making industries on earth. The same people who control the cancer business also control the government and the mainstream media. That’s why you won’t hear anything about cancer cures in the mainstream media because they are get suppressed and away from the public, there is too much money to be lost. People must realise that the government and medical establishment don’t care about your health; it’s about money not care.

    In the 1960’s they supposedly had the technology to land 3 stooges on the moon and return in a tiny capsule all the way back to earth without a scratch!…………YET! 60 years later with over billions of government funding and charitable contributions, thousands upon thousands of scientists researching the topic and they haven’t found a cure yet??????? Yeah right just how gullible are people? They supposedly don’t even know what causes it???

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    Cancer is typically viewed as a modern disease whose occurrence is higher than ever before.  It is easy to blame things like cellphones, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, etc. for cancer’s prevalence, but the fact of the matter is that the rise in cancer mortality is more indicative of advances in modern medicine than of an epidemic borne from the stresses of modern life.  

    Cancer is usually a disease of the old and more likely to afflict people over the age of sixty.  It is therefore more likely to be a leading cause of death in developed countries with long life expectancies, whereas in low-income countries it “doesn’t even make the top ten” list.  Cancer is also more easily recognized with the help of advances in technology, which may account for the greater number of diagnoses made now than ever before.  

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