Is Canada more green than America?



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    Canada has a reputation for being a good international citizen and doing the right thing in many cases where the US has done wrong.  For this reason, many people would be surprised to learn that Canada has one of the highest per-capita carbon footprints in the world, and that the Canadian government has recently emerged as a major obstacle to reaching a strong international climate agreement.  Although Canada ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 2002, the country’s carbon footprint has continued to climb.  The Canadian government has become the first government of any of the Kyoto signatory countries to announce that it has given up even trying to meet its Kyoto emissions-reduction targets.  Of course, because of Canada’s relatively small population the country has a smaller impact on the climate than does the United States; however Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made it clear that his administration is not eager for action on global warming.  Most recently, the Canadian government has adopted a policy of going along with whatever the US does in regards to climate, effectively shunting responsibility for climate policy onto its southern neighbor.

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