Is Canada cleaner than the US?



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    Heck, yes! There is a somewhat different mentality in Canada toward the environment. People do not knowingly and willingly litter (as much), they do not over consume too much of everything (except beer, Eh?), and they have a profound respect for nature (well a greater percent of people do there than here, at least). In general, Canada is a little quieter, a little cleaner, and a little greener. They have their own problems too, but I am nearly positive that for the most part you will not find Canada in the same trash-strewn and littered state that you find some regions of America (you should see the roadside on the way to my work in Philly—it’s literally a garbage can or dump! and it could be a natural environment)… I wonder why Canada can keep it’s open natural spaces in better repair than we can ours?  I looked into it —- and discovered that the fine in Montreal for littering ranges from 60 to 1000 dollars, whereas in Philadelphia the fine is 300 dollars. But how often does the law get inforced? Could you see a cop writing some guy a ticket for 300 bucks for throwing his cigarette on the ground!? Things must be done… we need to clean! Eh?

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