Can your skin really turn green?



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    Hepatitis B can turn your skin yellow, and I’ve seen people who are nauseous who appear to have a green ting to their skin, but as far as turning dark green like the hulk, you’d need some green body paint.

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    Yes, copper can turn a person’s skin green. This is oftentimes a problem that occurs with fake jewelery, when the soft gold is mixed with copper, tin, nickel, and other cheaper metals to make it sturdier. When a person sweats, the acid from the perspiration mixes with the metal to create salt, which is green. These acids are basically causing the metal to corrode, and the salts are absorbed into the skin, causing a green tint. This is nothing to be worried about, and will eventually fade. It is a good way to tell if your gold jewelery is real or fake though!

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