Can your environment affect your personality?



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    The environment in which a person lives can greatly affect their personality. The type of environment a person lives in is directly related to socioeconomic status, meaning that the where one lives, the people they encounter, and the food they eat have a direct impact on their perspective of the world and themselves. Scientists have conducted countless case studies involving children or adults of different demographics to determine how their environment impacts their development. I recommend reading articles about the “Nature vs. Nuture” theory and the case studies of the influences of environment on social behavior in Psychology magazines and journals.  

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    Some people are severely affected by their climate and environment. Season Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression where a person experiences  symptoms of depression at the same time each year, usually in fall or winter. It is most common in people who live in Northern latitudes where the winter days are shortest. SAD can be alleviated by artificial lights, medication, or therapy. 

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    Your mood can be affected based on the weather outside, yes. Your body creates Vitamin D from your exposure to the sun. The vitamin help reduces heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and yes, depression.  People with a lack of Vitamin D are shown to be prone to mood swings and depression.  So, make sure you’re getting enough sun!

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