Can your body easily live with one kidney?



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    It is kind of surprising, but yes you can!  One kidney is perfectly capable of doing everything both of your kidneys do.  

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    You can, but it isn’t necessarily easy. While some people are born with a single kidney, they are a bit more adapted to living with it than people who lost one and are forced to live on the other. The biggest risk is an increased chance of kidney failure, since it is not doing the work of two on its own.

    I hope this helped!

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    Yes you can. We do need some sort of kidney function to survive, but as we were born with two, more than we actually need, it is possible for us to live with just one. Amazingly, the functioning kidney will adjust to the extra load and will actually grow in size to compensate, with no negative effects on the body even over the long term. Someone can even function relatively well with only one kidney working at 75% of its capacity because of the ability to adjust. Most problems donors have living with one kidney are the result of the surgery, not that they are one kidney short.

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