Can you wash paint down the sink?

I just finished painting my apartment, and I didn’t know if it was ok to wash my brushes and rollers in the sink. Is there a greener way to clean up after painting?



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    It is wrong to wash paint down the sink.  Paint is a safety hazard and is very difficult for landfills to dispose of.  It is preferred that the consumer take responsibility of disposing of it. 

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    If you are using non-toxic paints, it’s totally fine to wash them down the drain. I know they cost twice as much thats why I would like to offer our discount at General Paint stores. Go to any store and say “I want to pay cash on PurePainters account”. We pay half the list price.

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    Home Depot carries a product that you can pour into cans of leftover paint that solidifies the paint.  You can then safely toss the can into your garbage can and get rid of it.

    Also, there are recycling centers in many cities that will take your leftover paint and recycle it.  There is a fee to accept your old paint, sometimes it’s around $5 for 10 gallons.  You would have to check with your local recycling centers for details because they vary depending on local programs and laws.

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    No, never clean your paint brush like this its really very dangerous and It will adversly affect the health and the enviornment.

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