can you use bamboo to make a small retaining wall



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    My step-mother also wanted to do this, and I think it’s certainly feasible and a beautiful idea. Growing bamboo is not very difficult – and it grows tall! There’s a great website called “Bamboo Sourcery” that explains step-by-step how to landscape with bamboo. I’ve included the link below.  

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    It does seem like bamboo would make an attractive retaining wall, and since it is pretty resistant to water damage it could last longer than normal wood.  I have attached some instructions on how to build a retaining wall, there seem to be a few different methods.  I would probably talk to someone who builds fencing or does landscaping for a living to see what their ideas/experience say about using bamboo for such a feature.  My main concern would be that since bamboo is typically round there would be room for seepage between the rods.  I suppose it depends on the type of weather you’re dealing with as well. 

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    If you wanted to, you could even use live bamboo to help create a border or a hedge (although I’m not sure how well it would work as a retaining wall, specifically, but you could certainly try with small amounts of soil that aren’t very tall).  Bamboo grows really well in tropical and temperate zones.  Be sure your soil has a good variety of materials in it that isn’t too heavy or impermeable with clay or rocks.  Plant your bamboo in a relatively protected area—lots of wind will knock it over.  Start by planting the bamboo plants 3 to 5 feet away from one another, and over time they will fill in and create a great hedge.

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