Can you trace all food back to the sun?



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    In some way or another yes. The sun makes it possible for plants to thrive, which in turn feeds animals that eat it. These animals who eat other animals are only able to be fed because of the animals that eat the plants, which thrive off the sun’s energy. So the answer is yes, all food can be traced back to the sun’s energy.

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    in a biological sense, yes. All energy comes from the sun in some way. Even mushrooms depend on the sun to provide fertilizer. The base of the food chain is always the sun.

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    Yes, all vegan foods are naturally occurring from nature; vegan by definition implies no animal products. All animals are herbivores (eat plants), carnivores (eat meat), or omnivores (eat both meat and plants). The sun grows all plants (vegan foods), which are then consumed by herbivores. Herbivores are than consumed by omnivores. All meat is then the product of plants, either directly (a cow eating grass), or indirectly the product of plants (For example: shark meat, which eats smaller fish, which eat plankton).

    As a flow chart: Sun -> Plants -> Animals…everything starts from the sun, it generates all energy through photosynthesis and other chemical reactions.

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    Of course, all life is traced to the sun, and all food was (or should have been) alive at one point. Not to mention the fact that every particle of matter on earth was once literally part of a star. So you can trace anything back to the sun (or at least to a sun), if you felt so technically inclined.

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