Can you think of something we created that is actually helping the earth?



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    Scientists have genetically altered certain bacteria’s to make plastic that does not need to be made from oil and is completely biodegradable. if we can advance this technology enough to put it on the market easily, it would a huge step in helping the earth’s problems we have today.

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    Earth is able to carry on just fine without us, so I’d say that anything we create disrupts what was there before. Even if we create something to help one species, we’re harming the species that it feeds on. If we grow more plants, they will block the sunlight from getting to other organisms. The Earth may be too complex to “help” in any way, since it’s made up of competing forces. And the environment will always be there, no matter what we do to it. Environmentalism simply seeks to not turn it into an environment where we and other current species can’t survive.

    Theoretically, if an asteroid was heading straight for earth and we created a missile that destroyed it, I would consider that unequivocally helping Earth.

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