Can you think of any video games that promote environmentalism or inspire conservation ethics?



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    There is a computer game called PowerUp, which is often incorporated into education programs for children. The goal of the game is to save a planet from environmental destruction. Players can learn scientific principles and employ clean energy technologies to prevent storms and ecological damage.

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    Sins of Greenwashing has a game that can help people shop more wisely. Since many products have misleading labels, it is important to know what labels to trust and what labels to read skeptically. It is important to know about product labels, especially if you are considering a large purchase such as a home remodel and want to buy eco-friendly wood.

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    Spore can teach about the concepts of evolution and species sustainability.

    Attached is a blog post about 6 video games with an environmental focus.  They are: Star Wars: Episode 1: The Gungan Frontier, Sim Animals, PlanIt Green, Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol, Flower, and Fate of the World.

    It would be easier to answer your question if you had a specific age range and/or type of game in mind.  There are lots out there.

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