Can you tell what type of a person you are by your DNA?



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    Your DNA does not determine who you are.  The environment around you plays a role as well.  This is the classic “Nature Versus Nurture”debate that has raged for decades.  Genes and DNA often times make a person more susceptible to certain characteristics.  Heredity definitely plays a role in the type of person you are.  But it is very tough to say whether many traits are predetermined or whether they are the result of the environment you have grown up in or are surrounded in now.  The also leads to the debate about the “gay gene”.

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    No because only certain segments of DNA are expressed and the rest are not expressed at all. Thus, only parts of your DNA truly encompass who are what you are. There is a famous saying that genetics loads the gun and that the environment pulls the trigger. Many environmental influences will bring out your true essence and are key in shaping who you are and how you respond and deal with many situations.

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