can you tell me what i can do to help?



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    I am not really sure what you are asking here. Are you asking what you can do to help the environmental cause? I think the biggest thing would be to spread the word, study, read, etc. Knowledge will be the only way the human race will be able to continue on earth. 

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    There are many, many things you can do to help.  Just as with everything else, we all have areas that we care more about than others.  Some great websites you can check out are,,, etc.  I also recommend if you have a Facebook or Myspace to add some groups on there.  There are constantly blogs that you can read and learn new and interesting things you can do to help every single day!  One of the biggest things I would suggest to start with is to limit your plastic use.  This helps people, animals, and the environment.  Plastic takes a lot of energy and not using it could even help stop global warming!

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