Can you tell the difference between farm raised salmon and wild caught salmon?



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    From the outside, they will look similar, except the wild salmon are more likely to have small gashes, or even teeth and claw marks where they’ve met Mother Nature.

    Looking at the salmon’s inside might give other clues. Whether you can see it or not, in places 100% of wild salmon has some kind of infection, these days! See links below.

    Farmed salmon is sometimes dyed with food coloring, because buyers associate the pink color with good flavor.

    One day I went to a salmon hatchery that releases salmon into a river, to live in the ocean. I told the ranger that farm-raised salmon is so bad for pregnant women, that the FDA recommends no more than 6 oz. be eaten per month! (There’s a lot of debate about pregnant women eating salmon, btw.) Anyhow, the ranger looked horrified, and said, “You aren’t eating the wild salmon!” That’s because to her, the important thing was to get the numbers of wild salmon up.

    That doesn’t quite mean eating all salmon is bad for you, and bad ecologically, too, but it comes pretty close. Expensive markets such as Whole Foods sell farmed salmon that is raised “responsibly”. They’ll be happy to tell you what that means, lol. The downside? Well, it’s extra expensive, too.

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    Yes, if you looked at a two salmon (1 wild, 1 farmed) if you studied them for a couple minutes you WILL be able to tell the difference!

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