Can you sue your employee for being exposed to chemicals?



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    Typically, employees sue employers for chemical exposure. When an employer agrees to employ that person, they take on a good deal of liability. It depends where you are, but, in general, employees aren’t sued, save for rather violent acts. If that employee dumpeda few gallons of hydrohloric acid on you, you have grounds for a lawsuit-that endangered your life directly. If they were cleaning something, and you smelled the chemicals-they aren’t liable. If they smoke and exposed you to chemicals in the second-hand smoke, you don’t have grounds for suing them. Its relative and it depends on what those chemicals did to you. Consult a lawyer or other legal help for better information.

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      yeah it seems like everyone is pretty sue happy these days, there are definitely cases where they should get sued but I think that people take it a bit too far sometimes.

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