Can you start a peach tree from a pit?



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    You can indeed. However, you need to first make sure Peach trees can grow in your part of the world (there are resources that can tell you this, one of which I will include in the citations), and be aware that it will probably take you awhile to see any results (you need to sow seeds in fall in order to see sprouts the following spring). 

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    Yes, although some pits may not grow, so you should plant more than one pit to ensure that a tree will grow. Wash the pit and get all that extra fruit off before you begin stratification (keeping it cold and dry in the fridge). When ready, plant it 3 inches deep, usually in the winter. Before planting, you can rub the pit with sandpaper to encourage germination. These are my abridged version of the directions (I have skipped some steps), so check out the instructions on the websites below.

    By looking at this map, you can tell which growing zone you are in. Peach trees grow in zones 5-8.

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    As long as you properly prepare the pit (through careful stratification and germination) and as long as peach trees grow in your gardening zone (check the Arbor Day Foundation website for a complete list), it is completely possibly to grow a fruit-bearing peach tree from a single pit. It should begin providing fruit within three years.

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