Can you sell solar electricity to the power company?



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    Yes you can, either through net-metering or feed in tariffs. Net-metering is when a customer of a utility company has installed a solar system on their home and is producing more energy from the system than they are consuming. If that is happening they are selling their unused electricity back to the utility’s grid. This is carried forward as a credit against their bill each month, ultimately lower their bill every month! They won’t get a check from their utility company unless they move and have a negative balance.

    Feed-in tariffs are exactly the same, but you get money back from the utility company instead of credits.

    Either way your utility company has to provide one of these services. Check the link below to see if they do in your area.

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    As mentioned above, you technically can, but I’m not sure than they would necessarily want to as a consistent business practice. The goal of any power company is to sell YOU your energy, not the other way around. I’m sure the companies who run the traditional power grid systems are none too happy about companies offering people their own sources of power, because they stand to lose consumers. Even if a single house hold can’t be completely independent from the power grid now, it is only a matter of time before they will be. Since technology is getting better all the time, the power companies may eventually go the way of the telegraph companies, becoming obsolete.

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