Can you see the Milky Way from everywhere on earth?



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    Yes, but only a very small fraction of it under ideal circumstances. Our solar system (the Sun and the planets) are part of the Milky Way, so it’s something like wherever you look there is going to be starts from the Milky Way they. The Milky Way is 100000 light years across and has an estimate of 400 billion stars. We can only see 0.000003% of the stars. Interesting fact stars (and other visible things like gas and dust) make up only 10% of the mass of the galaxy, while 90 percent is invisible to us. 

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    Good question, ivanisnot.  As seppe pointed out, any star you see will be part of the milky way, but if you are referring to being able to see the illuminated band of light from many stars in our galaxy, then the answer is still yes, but there are some conditions you must meet to really be able to see it.  First you need a dark sky, if there is a lot of light pollution around you, you probably won’t be able to see the milky way.  Second, you must allow your eyes to adjust to the dark so that you can see better.  And lastly, you need to know when to look.  The summer Milky Way will look brighter than the winter Milky Way, and there are particular times that it is best to look for it.  Follow this link for a detailed chart of ideal viewing hours.

    Here is a pretty fantastic picture of the Milky Way as viewed from Earth:

    Hope this helps!


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    ivanisnot, we are constantly surrounded by the magic that is the Milky Way. Every star you see. Including our sun. Embrace it. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Yes, because our solar system is located inside and arm of the milky way galaxy. Therefore, everywhere oyu look, you can see the milky way, simply bcause we’re surrounded by it.

    I hope this helped!

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    Because our solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy, one can say we can see it from anywhere.  It has roughly 200 billion stars. However, most of them are not visible from Earth. “Almost everything that we can see in the sky belongs to the Milky Way Galaxy.” 

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    It’s beautiful that humans can see such things! Too bad we can’t take daily trips to see the Milky Way. Perhaps in the near people will be able to take a shuttle to space like taking a plane. Hey, you never know!

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    Since we are in the Milky Galaxy that means that we can pretty much always see a part of it!! Plus it is also just super big!

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    One bit about the way that light works to add to the topic: light takes time to travel from very far away to a viewable plane for our planet.  That being a factor, some of the stars that we see in the night sky might have died already.  Our galaxy alone is so vast, let alone the existence beyond our Milky Way.

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    theoretically everystar we see is part of the milky way…however the more dense strip we see is when we are looking into the disc of the milky way…this side view of the disc can be seen by anyone on earth at certain times:)

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