Can you say anything negative about green energy?



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    Well, one of the biggest problems with green energy right now is the cost of implementing it. Installing solar panels, wind turbines, buying electric cars – they all cost a lot, and most people cannot afford it. Furthermore, some things that are considered ‘organic’ are not actually any better because of loopholes, though they cost more because they are perceived as healthy.

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    The biggest problem right now is the cost. Green energy sources like solar and wind are far more expensive than coal and natural gas. Furthermore, we just don’t have the infrastructure for some of them, which will require massive investments. There are some problems with specific types of energy – nuclear energy, while carbon neutral, has huge problems dealing with the waste. And biofuels take valuable farming land that could be used to produce food. Nevertheless, despite these problems, green energies are absolutely crucial to our future and these problems should not stop us in the slightest.

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