Can you rest without sleeping?



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    That is an interesting question. It’s something I never thought of until you inquired. I find sometimes I rest from laying down and relaxing without having to fall asleep. I found some sources that give advice on how to rest without being unconscious. Interesting finds!

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    Power naps really works. Just 10-20 minutes of shut-eye can restore your energy and alertness level. This will benefit your motoring abilities. Longer naps are even better if you have the time. Psychologically, i think just stopping and taking a nap can help relieve the stress and tension that your mind is in during all the busyness in the day. It might even improve your mood!

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    I have found that I can reenergize myself from simply sitting or laying for an extended period of time. The key is to try to slow your brain and body functions down as you fully relax. You could think of it like its yoga, or you can use music, TV, video games, etc. to keep your mind distracted just a little bit. This way it can serve as a break from the rest of the day, and you can “wake up” and hopefully have more energy than before. 

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    Yes, sometimes people can just lay down and rest their eyes without actaully falling asleep and that leaves them feeling energized. Sometimes its good for your mind to just stop and relax for a moment, because then your thoughts seem to work much better to find a solution to a problem once you stop focusing on it so intently. 

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