Can you recycle wood?

I work in a theatre shop and we often have wood scraps and plywood left over from shows. Is there a way to recycle this?



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    One of the best things to do, in my opinion, with scrap wood is to turn it into sawdust via a chipper. It can then be either donated or sold to people who like to use sawdust/wood chips in their gardening, or as a way to soak up spills and clean garage floors. If you’d rather bypass the work, there are some wood recyclers, and the second link’s got a long list of them. Good luck!

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    Yup!  And I agree with rhathymia (we must have been researching this at about the same time, because I found some of the same links!).

    There are a variety of ways to recycle wood — check out a couple more links below!

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    “Wood is the only 100 percent renewable, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable resource we have, making the stewardship of wood products an invaluable step in conserving resources.”

    The quote is from Had to use it because it is an awesome answer to your question. (

    The problems arise when the wood that is to be disposed of is treated. Lead paint along with a handful of other chemicals make wood not appropriate for recycling. Other than that, wood can be thrown into a shredder/grinder and transform it into mulch. It can also be reused in homes.  Wood chips can be used for furnaces or boilers. There are facilities for this kind of thing and I would search google with the words “wood recycling ___ (city name)” and I am certain you will find someone to take the wood off your hands.

    Fun fact: 1 pound of wood can genereate 9000 BTUs of heat energy.

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