Can you recycle silk?



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    Not sure what shape your silk is in (flowers, scarves, dresses) but it seems as though good recycling options comes from those you make yourself.  See below for a few good options:

    • If you have silk flowers that you no longer want to use as the original floral design they came in, think about what else in your house you could add flowers too.  With a glue gun as one of the handiest tools in the world, cut your silk flowers and then add them to lampshades, drapes, clothing, or make a wreath or an ornament you could use during the holiday season.  You could also re-purpose them as gift wrap, adding a floral flair to wrapping paper that needs a little boost
    • If you’re handy with the sewing machine, and you have silk scarves that you no longer want to use, you can make them into homemade (and rather unique) pillow covers
    • If you celebrate Easter, silk ties can be used to make festive Easter egg designs.  Cut the ties, place the good (silky) side against the egg.  Wrap the tie around the egg, cover with a piece of cheesecloth also wrapped around the egg (you can use a twist tie to help keep in place).  Place eggs in water w/ 3 T of vinegar and bring eggs to a boil.  Reduce to medium and cook for 20 min.  Afterwards, allow eggs to cool and then remove ties and cheesecloth for fabulously decorated eggs! (see link below for more detailed directions)
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