Can you recycle foam bedding egg crates?



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    Foam egg cartons can be recycled to be made into other packaging products, but many recycling facilities do not have the resources to recycle them. Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept egg crates.

    If you cannot recycle egg cartons locally, you can send them off for recycling. Eggland’s Best accepts clean egg cartons at this address:

    Dolco Packaging, PO Box 1005, 2110 Patterson Street, Decatur, IN 46733-5005.

    If you can’t send off your egg cartons, consider reusing them. World Environmental Organization has a list of creative ways to reuse egg cartons. Farmer’s Markets are also a good place to put egg cartons to good use. See if a local farmer could use old cartons for his or her eggs.

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