Can you recycle cardboard with paper items?



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    Yes, although it should be clean and probably flattened prior to recycling.  Usually what isn’t accepted is contaminated products – even food contaminated cardboard such as pizza boxes.  So you can recyle cardboard egg cartons, tubes, file folders, shoe boxes and things like that.

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    Absolutely.  Or better yet, you can compost it.  Just make sure it’s shredded before you put it in your compost pile.

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    Cardboard is absolutely accepted with paper recycling. It is a great way to get rid of cardboard. The type of cardboard that cannot be recycled is milk cartons and other types of cardboard that have a waxy coating. Cardboard with food on it is also not accepted. The food particles get into the machines at the recycling plant and break them. So pizza boxes cannot be recycled.

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