Can you really build up your immune system?



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    Yes, you can strengthen your immune system, although a single panacea to build up an impenetrable system has not been found. Researchers are still working on examining the immune system and what makes it stronger, but from these works–reported in the link below by Harvard Medical School–you can make changes in your lifestyle that may help you resist germs. Tips include: not smoking, eating right, exercising regularly, controlling blood pressure, consuming alcohol in moderation, getting the right amount of sleep, and washing your hands.

    These steps will work towards improving your overall health, immune system included. 

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    The proper nutrition can give your body the correct production of cells it needs to fight disease. Vitamin C and E are two very important vitamins that can provide firepower for your immune system. Vitamin C aids in production of ithe important disease-fighting white bllood cells as well as antibodies while vitamin E stimulates production of B-cells which produce antibodies. Carotenoids, bioflavenoids, zinc, and many other minerals are important as well. Check out the citations link for more.

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