can you prove if your house is haunted?



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    It would be difficult to ever prove a claim of paranormal activity, in part because of the immense skeptisism from most of the scientific community, but also from the lack of any standard basis or evidence system. It would be nearly impossible to rule out every possible normal cause for an unusual or frightening event. There are also theories that paranormal things do not happen around skeptics, or that testing a phenomenon makes it disappear, meaning that one can test as long as one likes and never definitively prove a thing.

    There are, however, many companies to contact who offer to enter homes and search for evidence of a haunting. These vary in their motives, dedication and scientific method. One of the most popular is PROOF Paranormal, based out of Indiana, and their website listed below can give a good idea of what an investigation is like. Basically, they record anything that can’t be explained by their own activities in the house in question, though what actually cased a sound, movement, etc. remains undiscovered.

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