can you pick up an armadillo safely



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    Yes, it is possible to pick up an armadillo safely, and some people even keep them as pets. However, this is not recommended, since they are very much wild animals, and not domesticated like cats or dogs, so picking them up, much like keeping them as pets, is not recommended.

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    If you have the urge to pet an armadillo, I would recommend going to a zoo.  Some zoos have armadillos that are used to being handled, and you will have a greatly reduced chance of getting hurt.

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    Armadillos are very fast and have very sharp claws. They are difficult to pick up! Also, armadillos frighten easily and will employ a defensive tactic called “stotting”. Stotting is when an armadillo will jump straight up in the air. This often results in them being hit by cars on the road and will startle any potential predator or person trying to pick them up.

    Armadillos will some times curl into a ball and this would tuck in their claws and allow them to be handled more easily.

    However, remember that armadillos are wild animals and all wild animals are better to simply watch and observe. Trying to pick them up can result in injury to you or the animal and it produces a lot of stress for the animal. You may be bitten by a disease animal and become sick.

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