Can you permanently stretch a human body?

and if so, how?



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    You can stretch things like skin and cartilage over time as used in some piercings, such as ear gauges. Muscles can be stretched to improve flexibility.

    As for bones, well, there is a risky, painful procedure in China called “Bone Stretching” that some use to make themselves taller. This procedure originated in Russia.

    Then there are those medial procedures to fix skeletal birth defects, but they’re more to encourage a kind of growth in a certain way than actively change the shape.


    I promise I’m not trying to get weird I just don’t know the procedure for this: The URL in that second link is G rated and stands for “Beijing Review.” For those of you with questions.

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    Any soft tissue can be stretched, though hard tissue like bone it’s a bit more difficult. Also, once the regimen is stopped the body will revert somewhat, so you need to overcompensate when stretching.

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