Can you own a bald eagle?



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    Although it’s tempting to want to own an animal as beautiful and majestic as a bald eagle, the truth is that these birds are better off in the wild or at a well-run zoo, and there are several laws in place to protect them.  In the United States, it is illegal to own any native bird of prey unless you have a falconer’s license.  Getting a license involves passing several major tests, and requires spending at least two years as the apprentice to a licensed falconer.  Even after that it would be difficult to become the owner of a bald eagle, as the birds falconers deal with are most often smaller species like red-tailed hawks and American kestrels.  So the short answer to whether or not you can own a bald eagle is, probably not.  But if you’re lucky enough to live where these birds occur in the wild, you can enjoy their beauty and majesty from afar. 

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    Nope.  Sorry.

    It is illegal to own an endangered species.  Even if it builds a nest on your land, it is not yours and you can not alter its habitat.

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