Can you outrun lava from a volcano?



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    Yes; many people have. Molten rock is much thicker than a liquid like water. Even lava flows with the least viscosity (the least thick), will only flow at a maximum speed of a few kilometers per hour. You can easily out run a lava flow, and that’s why people are rarely killed by them. Building and trees, which are stuck to the ground, aren’t so lucky. People aren’t really at risk from lava flows, but they can do a tremendous amount of property damage. If the intense heat doesn’t set your house on fire, the slow moving wall of liquid rock will certainly knock it over and crush it to pieces. Entire towns built close to volcanoes have been overrun by lava flows, destroying houses and cars, encasing everything in meters of rock.

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    The speed of a lava flow depends on its viscosity, as the other answer says. While name highly viscous flows could be outrun, others can flow at anywhere from 15 miles per hour to 200 miles per hour. So don’t think you can outrun any and all lava flows.

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