Can you name 10 green initiatives that are found in a business industry



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    Increasingly greener initiatives are being taken by businesses in current times.  Many companies now hire environmental consultants who assist businesses in developing green alternatives and practices.  Here are a few simple green initiatives to get your list started:

    1) RECYCLING – Initiating recycling programs in office buildings.  (Note: Although commonplace in office settings, recycling is still widely unpracticed in restaurants.  Having worked in a few myself, the waste of food and disposal of recyclable products in the trash is commonplace – and quite tragic considering how easy recycling is to do these days.)

    2) CONSTRUCTION – Most states have laws now that require new buildings to be constructed using recycled and renewable materials, as well as energy efficient technologies.  Companies constructing new office buildings, and of course developers and construction companies, are thereby building with green construction practices. 

    3) INCENTIVIZING CONSUMERS TO REUSE – Almost all chain stores (from Walmart to Whole Foods) offer incentives to people who bring in their own resuable grocery bags (typically 1 to 10 cents off for each bag).  Coffee shops and conveniences stores typically offer discounts for customers who bring in their own mugs instead of using the disposable paper ones.  These incentives encourage people to reuse and minimize waste. 

    4) GREEN AUDITING – Companies who hire environmental consultants typically request audits to analyze the amount of water, electricity, and raw materials used, in addition to the amount of waste produced.  The audits illumiate areas of excessive usage and waste that companies can then consider when developing plans on how to be more resource efficient. 

    5) ELECTRONIC FILES/ EMAILING – The simple elimination of paper usage by entering files into electronic databases (think: memos, files, document archives, payrolls, etc.) is a significantly greener practice. 

    These are just a few basic ideas of green initiatives.  Sustainable business practices are truly still in their infancy, but consistent pressure from the public to be more enviornmentally conscious is undoubtedly pushing businesses into a greener future. 

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    Procter & Gamble will power all their factories with renewable energy by 2020.
    FedEx will imporve their vehicle fuel efficiency 20% in 2020.
    Walmart aims to sell one billion dollars of produce from small time farmers.
    Hasbro this year will use 75% recycled packaging material.
    Marriott hotels will reduce their energy and water use 25% per room by 2017.
    Dell computers are currently using bamboo and post-consumer packaging materials.
    Hertz aims to lessen carbon footprints by introducing electric vehicles into their fleet.
    Johnson Controls Inc is planning to retro fit energy-wasting building and cut costs by 30-50%.
    Curtis Packaging buys enough kilowatt-hours of renewable energy a year to completely cover their overall use.
    Community Perservation Corp offers refinancing to landlords who retrofit their building with energy efficient systems to replace wasteful ones.

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