Can you make money off of a recipe?



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    With the huge number of free recipe sites online, making money selling individual recipes is likely to be very difficult. Even large retail chains like Starbucks make the recipes for their drinks and pastries available online.

    If you really have a passion for cooking, you might try starting a blog. Successful blogs attract advertisers, and though this will probably not cover all your bills, with some hard work and a good deal of luck it could provide some helpful supplementary cash. However, there are probably thousands of food blogs online, so it would be worth your while do some research and find an niche that is being under serviced, or some other unique way to present your recipes. Both Blogspot and WordPress (both are free blog hosting platforms) have several tools to help you publicise and design a well organized and aesthetically pleasing blog.

    I’m not suggesting that blogging is a path to great financial success, but if you love what you are doing, blogging is a worthwhile and effective way to shae it with others.

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    Even if you can’t actually make money with recipes, they’re a fantastic way to save money,  with the result still being more cash in your pocket.  There are certain cookbooks and websites that will tell you how to make delicious food that’s very inexpensive.  With a bit of planning and time spent in the kitchen, you can feed yourself on half the money you’d spend otherwise. 

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    I haven’t tried this myself, but the first link explains where to post your recipes online and drive traffic to them. I found another website that recommended advertising recipes in a newspaper, but to watch out for recipe “clubs” that are scams. Then, there are always new cookbooks being published.

    Also, look into cook-offs or cooking contests, those may have cash prizes.

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    You can make some money from magazines if you are a freelance writer for magazines. Top 5s and seasonal dishes are incredibly popular categories. You can look up requirements for submission for almost any magazine that accepts freelancers in the current Writer’s Market, or online at the link below. Taking a course on magazine writing may be helpful if you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side.

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    Of course! And the easiest way might be to enter one of the many contests available online. The links below are for just a couple of these contests.

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