Can you make gold instead of mine it?



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    Gold is an element meaning it must be mined and cannot be made. It is possible, however, to make things appear gold, such as pennies (this is a trick you may have done in your high school chemistry class). If you have NaOH, zinc dust, an evaporating dish, a hot plate, tongs, a 200mL beaker of water, a penny and a Bunsen burner or propane torch (just a few household items) you can make your own gold penny. Other than making things gold there is no crazy mixture of chemicals that can be combined to make real gold.

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    Creating gold was one of the goals of alchemists, who treated this aim as a spiritual and philosophical quest.  It was thought that eternal life would ensue after its creation, and these people were known as being very passionate and “nutty” about their quest.  Before chemistry became more fully developed, alchemy was the prevalent science in this discipline. 

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