Can you make fibreglass that is environmentally friendly by using recycled raw material?

I am researching eco-friendly materials to make strong, durable and visually applealing furniture. I want to explore options beyond natural material. I want to find out if fibreglass made from recycled glass and plastic can be used to make furniture. I am interested in woven fibreglass furniture. I want to find out if it can be a more enviromentally friendly alternative when compared to regular furiniture made from timber or iron. Fibreglass manufacturing in itself is not very eco-friendly (I think. so). Infact, if I want to manufacture eco-friendly furniture should I even think of using fibreglass (non-biodegradable) in the first place?



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    Absolutely. The importance of reusing fiberglass is terribly understated. Because it is non-biodegradable it makes sense to reappropriate it for other uses. Fiberglass can be processed into a shell or fabric. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding it, and keeping it out of a landfill while creating beautiful furniture is a win-win! 

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