Can you make a connection between population growth and environmental degradation?



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    Absolutely.  As the population grows exponentially, the amount of resources needed to provide for these extra people increases, but the actual amount of resources available remains the same.  Because the ratio of people to resources is becoming increasingly smaller, our resources are being depleted faster.  Also, as more people live on our planet, more and more people are leaving their “footprint” – some larger than others.  Each person produces waste and emissions and requires space, water, and food.  There is simply not enough to go around, yet in an attempt to supply enough for everyone, we will continue to destroy what’s left of our environment.

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    In short, if there’s more people, more supplies are needed.  If there’s too many people, the environment may not have enough resources to provide for everyone.  In the end, if there’s too many people, the environment will suffer because it cannot support everyone.

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    Yes, and yes. Simply put, more people take up more land, more resources, and generate more waste. We can see the effects as pollution increases, and cities become overpopulated.  Looking globally, many live in poverty, and do not have access to clean water.

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