Can you make an argument that we should limit our population growth to save the environment?



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    Absolutely, scientists estimate that the world population should be about a quarter of what it is currently.  Given the limited number of resources the world has, there is an optimal carrying capacity for humans and we surpassed it long ago.  The optimal population must provide for the world’s people without compromising the health of the environment, sacrificing social welfare, or endangering the survival of future generations.  To achieve this feat, there has to be less people on earth.

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    Recently the world reached a population of 7 billion people, ever increasing by about 10,000 people an hour.  Every person in this world needs food, water, shelter, and most importantly, energy.  Not only are our needs so demanding, but the effect that each person has on the environment is exponentially taking its toll.  This is perhaps the main argument: it’s not necessarily that the population is so big, it is the increasing demands of the individual.

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