can you make an argument that the environmental policy is more important than healthcare?



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    You can make an argument for just about anything. An argument in favor of environmental policy over healthcare would probably note that healthcare will not be of much use a century from now if we’ve killed off half (or more!) of the human population by pollution and global warming. If previous generations had been more concerned about the environment and less about healthcare, we wouldn’t have such a large problem to fix.

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    I would argue that environmental policy is as or more important than enacting health care policy because our health is affected by the environment we live in. A healthier environment leads to healthier lives. Beyond that ensuring we have a clean and healthy environment supported by strong sustainability policy will ensure that the environment for our children and grandchildren is healthy and that they can live better lives than us. (Not that I’m a parent, but for those currently working on legislation and the voting public, those are always sound arguments.)

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    When talking about immediate consequences it is hard to make this argument, as so many Americans are without health insurance.  These people are worried about their safety every day, and not concerned with what will happen in years and decades.  THe long term argument however is that everyone is in danger should the climate change drastically, that water and air pollution is a health factor, and that world wide famines and droughts will make things difficult.  However, there is no reason that action can’t be done to begin to take care of both these important issues.

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